Secretary's Message
Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda M. Navale
B.A., M.P.M., Ph.D.
Secretary, SSPM
Our aim is to achieve global recognition as a one of the leading players in the field of education. We have a dream of making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for acquiring education. We, the members of Shrinath Shikshan Prasarak Mandal family believe that continuous improvements and initiate change is the only way for survive and succeed. And it is with this belief we have continually engaged in improvement of our performance.

The guiding philosophy of the society is to put the best efforts in Creation of Knowledge and Management of Knowledge influencing management practices and integrates globally.

The SSPM, Kondhapuri fosters and nurture the future potential leaders capable of making difference in the management of corporate and non corporate-sectors. We inculcate human values and professional ethics in the students, which help to create path for self as well as for the development of the society, the nation, and the world as a whole.

Besides we have understood the importance of sports and extra-curricular activity with academics. We have paid special attention to all-round development of the student by ensuring their active participation in the activities like sport culture, recreation etc. So we believe in the holistic and all around development of the students to make them effective leaders as well as responsible citizens.
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